Free demo lessons

1. Go to Podcasts for the first demo.

2. Reading is an important part of my lessons. Try to do these activities after reading the following text.

Por soñar

Comprensión_lectora_A1__A2 (1)

Once you have read the text and done the exercise, send it to me for a half-hour free trial!

3. Remember one of my first posts, where you learnt to talk about the weather!

For those of you who are real beginners.

El tiempo

4. Another free lesson for those who are real beginners in Spanish: El trabajo. Work (jobs)

El trabajo Powerpoint Spanish

5. Try to answer and check the answers in this video: El vendedor de humo.

El vendedor de humo

6. Find the verbs in “pretérito perfecto” in the following text:

 Por soñar

7. Here is a game to learn Spanish.