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My name is Yolanda Álvarez. I am both a Spanish online tutor and a translator with a BA degree in English and another in Spanish. I have lived in the UK all in all for more than twenty years. In Germany, for two semesters, and, in Spain, for the rest of my life, childhood and youth. I like travelling and reading. I also enjoy learning about art ,although I recently discovered that I like doing codewords, which I find more relaxing than drawing, for instance. If asked where I want to live, I would say, in Spain, or, at least, in the South. But life takes us to unexpected places… Such is life, a journey.

I always wanted to learn foreign languages to be able to understand other people, what they said. In time, that became my profession, also a bit unexpectedly. I would not have been able to travel abroad and study there without foreign languages. Learning how other peoples live, what they think, how they organise their ideas in a different tongue, their culture, will expand your views. Spanish will provide you with lots of different experiences, you will not be tied to one country, you will discover another world. Take Spanish!