The king of the Campus

As a student of Philology in the early nineties, I first heard the name of Noam Chomsky in the classroom. He was going several steps beyond Saussure in the field of linguistics. It was something new. It surprises me how big he has become in Spain where he even has a song dedicated to him.… Read More


A few weeks ago died one of the most famous cartoonists of all times. His name was Antonio Fraguas, but he was known as Forges, which is the translation of his surname into the Catalan language. Cartoons are a good way to improve Spanish as well as any other language. Forges’s style was characterised by… Read More


Spain has two towns in northern Africa: Ceuta and Melilla. They have been Spanish dominions for over five hundred years. I have never been there myself, but feel very curious. I found this video which shows the citadel of Ceuta and sings about its identity. Young people expressing themselves in Youtube. In Spanish, with certain… Read More