Comic stories or stripes are part of the Spanish culture. One of the most famous cartoonists is Ibáñez, the author of characters like Mortadelo and Filemón or Zipi Zape. Everybody in Spain is familiar with the agents of the TIA and always surprised with Mortadelo’s mastery of disguise or Dr. Bacterio’s ingenuity in creating new tools that will give Mortadelo and Filemón an advantage over the enemy.

Zipi and Zape are two twins, one blond, the other dark-haired, always ready for mischief. Other story lines show different heroes; Anacleto, agente secreto, La abuelita Paz, Carpanta, La familia Turuleta, Benito Boniato, El botones Sacarino, Guillermito, etc. The people of my age will surely remember them all. But they still are popular among the young, which is a reason for me to mention them here.

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